Terms of Conditions & Services


Understanding between parties: Please Read.

1. Inspiring Imaginative Minds, LLC. ("Inspiring Imaginative Minds or iiMinds") agrees to make its best effort to locate temporary child caregivers ("Sitters/Providers") upon request by the registered or Signing ("Client"). However, iiMinds makes no guarantees or promises that Provider will be offered employment.

2. It is understood and agreed that iiMinds is not the Employee or the Employer in this agreement. iiMinds is a referral agency only; it is not an employer or co-employer and assumes no liability or responsibility for any act of an employee or employer. It is the client’s responsibility to confirm and verify all references and information supplied by iiMinds to ensure a suitable placement. Nothing in this agreement is intended to guarantee the satisfactory performance of your employee, although we do exercise reasonable efforts in referring a suitable applicant to you for your selection.

3. Client realizes that if they pay more than $2000.00 in any calendar year to one person, Client is liable for withholding and filing employment taxes for that person. Social Security numbers of Providers must be obtained directly from Providers.

4. iiMinds agrees to disclose all material information about each provider acquired by iiMinds throughout the qualification process. Any provider who is referred by iiMinds has met or exceeded the requirements set forth in the qualifying process.

5. Client seeking individual care in their home or location agree to pay Providers directly for services rendered at least $16.00 per hour for 1 child and $1.00 per each additional child per hour, and/or $1.00 per each additional cost per hour for special needs, sick children, infant under 1, twins under 3, and/or multiple families with a four-hour minimum. Rates will vary based off of case by case family needs and requirements. In the event client requires Provider to travel with client. Any additional reimbursements/expenses must be given to the Provider prior to the end of the job, such as but not limited to hotel stay, entrance to amusement parks, plane ticket, purchase of meals, etc.

6. For clients seeking on-call groupcare providers the hourly rate per provider are to be paid at $20/hr-$25/hr and require a 3 hour minimum. Client understands and is in agreement that providers to children ratio in a group setting are as follows: infants to 2 yr olds= 1:2 , 3 to 4 yr olds = 1:4 , 5 & up = 1:6 . Client understands that provider to children ratio are based off of licensing requirements, recommendations and are in place to protect the best interest of children and providers.

7. Client agrees to pay Provider in Cash or Check if Local and CASH ONLY if Client is a visiting/vacationing. For groupcare, client May opt in to pay prior to care for hours and bookings needed.

8. Client agrees to provide a safe environment and all materials needed to fulfill the needs of all children present and are as follows but not limited too: diapers, meals, toys, cribs, medicine, clothing, etc.

9. Client understands that a $25 ​non-refundable ​agency reservation fee will be charged ​EACH TIME​ per

booking/Provider to Client's credit card or via paypal upon Inspiring Imaginative Minds' confirming Clients reservation for a Provider. Client may choose to purchase packages or provide discount codes that are offered by iiMinds, which at that time the booking fee will decrease.

10. Client understands that if Client fails to pay booking Fee prior to Provider arriving, Provider maybe cancelled.

11. Client agrees to notify iiMinds of any job cancellation. For on-call assignments, 24 hours notice is required to cancel once a Provider has been assigned. If required notice is not given, client will be charged a $15 cancellation fee ($30 on holiday or groupcare). Notice of cancellations made in 2 hours or less, will be charged the full four hours, including booking fees. If Client is merely re-scheduling for a different day in the same week with the same Provider, the full amount of the booking fees/deposit will be applied to the new assignment date. For all holidays except New Year’s Eve, holiday rates are calculated at 1.5 x our normal rates, and will apply to the following dates: New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day (after 5pm), Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Rates for New Years Eve (after 5pm) will be $30/hour for 1 child, and $3 more for each additional child. The purpose of the rate increase on holidays is to encourage availability on days when most Providers may have alternate plans.

12. Client understands that the services provided by all iiMinds' Sitters/Providers must be contracted through Inspiring Imaginative Minds. Client further understands that the use of an iiMinds' sitter, nanny or childcare provider or the referral of a iiMinds' Provider to a third party whether or not used for the position initially seeking, without arranging the visit through Inspiring Imaginative Minds, is considered "theft of services" and will result in a charge of $1,000 in liquidated damages

13. In the event that Client wishes to hire a Provider on a permanent basis, Inspiring Imaginative Minds agrees to negotiate with Client in arriving at an acceptable placement fee based off of family’s specific situation and need. .



   Info: www.inspiringimaginativeminds.com

 14. Confidentiality from The Agency (iiMinds)- All data provided to and/or gathered by iiMinds in the investigation of the Client is confidential and will be held in strict confidence by the Agency and its contractors (“sitters”, “childcare providers,” Nannies”). .

15. Confidentiality from the Client- Client agrees to keep all information provided by iiMinds confidential and will continue to keep that confidentiality at all times. At the expiration of this Agreement, or the expiration of the referral services rendered by iiMinds, for any reason, all information and material or a personal or private nature acquired from Client, directly or indirectly, shall be promptly returned by iiMinds to the Client upon written request. Upon request by iiMinds, Client will return all information provided by iiMinds relating to all Nannies, Sitters, or iiMinds Personnel that were referred to Client.

16. iiMinds cannot be a guarantor of the honesty or reliability of the provider nor is iiMinds an agent of the provider or vice versa. Accordingly, the Client hereby releases and agrees to hold iiMinds, its directors, officers, employees, successors, and assigns, harmless from any act of nonfeasance, misfeasance, or malfeasance by the nanny/sitter, nor will the Client hold iiMinds, its directors, officers, employees, successors, and assigns, liable for any other claim which she/he may have.

17. The Client agrees to fully indemnify and hold iiMinds, it directors, officers, employees, successors, and assigns, harmless from any and all claims, demands, losses, liabilities, damages or expenses for investigation or attorney's fees arising out of, or in any way related to, this agreement, including any personal injury or property damage.

18. This Agreement contains the entire agreement between iiMinds and the Client, and no statements, promises, or inducements made by either party or agent of either party that is not contained in this written Agreement shall be valid or binding; and this contract may not be enlarged, modified, or altered except in writing, signed by the parties herein.

19. This agreement will be binding only upon the parties herein and shall not include any third party nor shall iiMinds be a party to any agreement entered into between the Client and the sitter.

20. Client understands that once provider has been confirmed, Provider assigned will be contacting family 24 hours prior to date of care, will be prepared with a Nanny bag, and provide Client with receipt of hours for payment at the end of the shift. Client is in agreement that if additional children are present than stated below, Client will pay the difference in hourly pay/rate. Individual care ratio will not exceed 5 Children per provider. If additional Providers are needed due to additional children present, Agency will call additional providers to support in keeping Group Ratio recommendations and client will be charged $25 booking per provider and $15 rush fee plus the providers hourly rates. Additionally, Client agrees to provide all personal child related items. if any additional items or services are required additional charges may apply

By Registering on our Site {​www.inspiringimaginativeminds.com​} & subsite {​www.iiminds.babysitease.com​ } or you are a visiting family/event planner providing a signature, client acknowledges that agreement has been read, understood, and is agreeing to the terms of this agreement.