A Nanny is a professional that a family is seeking to hire for long-term need. Nannies are considered household employees that look to grow and be a part of a family. Nannies are responsible for supporting the role of a parent, to guide, care, teach, and nurture the lives of your precious gems.  Our Nanny placements guide, support, and cater to your individualized family journey in hiring a Nanny. Not one family is the same and what works for one may not work for another. Check out our customized packages to learn more.

Placement Fees

Nanny Placements for infants , babies , school aged and more

About our Packages

 Nanny Placements Fees are a ONE time fee (if a year or more "full time placement" is purchased). The fee is paid to iiMinds for providing you with the service of helping you find a qualified professional to fit the need of your family. The placement fee is separate than the hourly rates that are paid to the Nanny. 

All packages include an initial $350 start up fee to begin  your nanny search.

Typical Packages:

  • "A Helping Nanny" ( 1 Month)
  • "Spoon full of Nanny" ( 3 Months)
  • "Seasonal Nanny" ( 6 Months)
  • " The Family Nanny" ( 1+ Year)
  • "Customize my Nanny" (Varies)


All Packages Include:

  • $350  non- refundable start up Fee
  • Agency-Family Service Agreement
  • Consultation with Founder 
  • Marketing, Screening, & Qualifying
  • Disclosure of multiple Nanny bios
  • Assistance with Scheduling Interviews
  • Interviewing up to 3 candidates
  • Drafted, Customized Nanny & Family Agreement
  • Customized Interview Nanny Questions
  • Assistance with Salary Negotiations/benefits
  • Family-Nanny Orientation/Trail Days
  • SS# Trace , Driving Record 
  • Tax forms 
  • Nanny Outlined tax dates
  • Family Q & A that covers employer questions & laws
  • Household Employer Handbook
  • Access to Nanny Files will include but are not limited to: Education, Criminal background investigation: Live Scan *federal & state, Registration through the department of social services Trustline verification clearance, sex offender registry check, 5 references, cpr certifications, resume, proof of tb clearance/immunizations, etc. 

**Packages have the option to upgrade & include backup providers & replacement guarantee

Nanny and families

Let's Begin your Nanny Search!

  1. The goal of a nanny placement is to ensure all your childcare needs, goals, and philosophies are understood. Individualized personal touch is what iiMinds Aims for. Our founder, Helga Flores schedules an in-home consultation to learn more on what it takes for the perfect provider to become an extension of your family.
  2. We then begin the process of marketing, screening, and qualifying each candidate based off of our extensive internal process and what we learned during your consultation. We carefully select each potential candidate and search for those who truly grasps the true essence of your family views and dynamic. 
  3. You will then begin receiving bios, support in scheduling interviews, Nanny trails, and complete guidance through your Nanny Search. 
  4. Furthermore, once a Nanny has been selected. We will assist in customizing your Nanny-Family agreement, educate you in learning more of what it takes to be a household employer and provide you with your Nanny's file to officially hire her as your employee. 

** Please contact iiMinds for detailed pricing. 760.496.8148 or hf.iiminds@gmail.com