Our Story

Owner and Founder of Inspiring Imaginative Minds

My name is Helga Flores, I am a Mother and Founder of Inspiring Imaginative Minds. 

Like you, finding balance as a parent and life has always been challenging. Now place Childcare in the mix and it became mind-boggling and stressful. 

With the world becoming scarier by the minute, I realized finding quality childcare was not easy. Therefore, After 15 years of working with families and children in their homes, schools and our community. As well as hearing other parents frustration when it came to the topic. I realized there had to be more we can do for our community of parents. 

We should be able to leave our children with not just a "babysitter" but a professional who has the qualities and passion our little family desires within our home. A provider where upon leaving, you as a parent has a sense of ease. Where you know that your child(ren) will be in a safe, caring, fun, and interactive environment.

Every family is different. Personally I have always been overall cautious and an anxious parent. The idea of leaving my little one with just anyone (including family members) brought a clenching feeling to my stomach. Every child is also different. With my background and education in Psychology, Child Development, and Education as well as working alongside other parents, professionals, and our community; allowed me to grasped a good understanding what family's and children need to help nourish their lives. 

Becoming a parent/guardian changes your outlook. We all want the best for our children. I want the best for my child and I knew I wasn't alone. 

Inspiring Imaginative Minds (iiMinds) is not just a date base of professionals. (we all know anyone can join a date base). We are a Childcare Agency that is centered around families and community. We value transparency and strive to carefully select the best Fully vetted, educated, interactive Childcare Providers in the industry to join our iiMinds Family. Whether you are a local or visiting family seeking short term or long term solutions, my goal is to individualize your experience and pair you with a professional that fits your family's needs and dynamic. Those are all important aspects that I hope for in my Childcare Provider and that is what we hope to provide to you at iiMinds.