Families seeking child care

Services & Pricing

Services and Payment to Professionals

On-Call Providers:

  • $16/hr for 1 child and a $1/hr per additional child.  (Minimum 4 hours)

Our On-call Professionals provide care for families who are searching for more occasional short term solutions. May include but are not limited to date nights, families vacationing at one of our local hotels, resorts, airbnb, winter birds, sick children, last minute emergencies, etc. 

*** For on-call need that lands on Holidays, the hourly rate is to be calculated by time and half. Hourly rates increase on certain holidays to ensure we can provide care on days our providers may already have alternate plans. Thanks for understanding!

Special Needs Providers:

  • $16-$25/hr based on the level of care required.

 Special  Needs Care Provider's possess additional experience and/or training to  work with children with challenges such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs  Syndrome, Cancer and other special needs. Our Special Needs Care Providers are educated, credentialed or trained  in various areas such as or not limited to: ABA techniques, Positive  Practices, PECS, Verbal Behavior, Behavior Management, Probleming  Solving, Feeding Tubes, Bathing & Hygiene, Assisting with  medications. 


  • $15-$25/hr 

A Nanny is a professional that a family is seeking to hire for long-term need. Nannies are considered household employees that look to grow and be a part of a family. Nannies are responsible for supporting the role of a parent, to guide, care, teach, and nurture the lives of your precious gems. 

Overnight Providers:

  • Please call so we can learn more on what your needs are and provide a quote. (Booking Fee $30)

Overnight Providers help families in various ways. You may need help with newborn care or are headed out of town and need a provider to stay with you little one(s) overnight. We want to hear your situation to better assist you!

Parent Helpers:

  • $20/hr (Minimum 2 hours)

 A parent’s helper works alongside a  parent to help provide care for the children amongst other duties.  Though the mother's helper will often be responsible for carrying out  many of the designated tasks on her own, she typically works alongside the parent. Duties may include but are not limited to, caring for children, helping tidy up, run errands for parent, etc 

House Managers:

  • $20-$30/hr (Full time or Part-Time)

Household managers keep the day-to-day operations of a home running  smoothly. They are the planners, coordinators, and helpers for today’s  busy families. Large households with complicated scheduling needs, or  smaller families who want to focus on spending more time with their  children or career professionals who need to devote an enormous amount  of time towards their business will discover an invaluable ally in a household manager.

Group Care Providers:

  • $20-$25/hr (3 hour minimum)

Group Care Providers are for businesses or families that are in need of extra pair of hands. You have all the fun set up but need the providers to take over while you're hosting your meeting, event, mops group, birthday party, etc. 

Event Care: (Weddings, Corporate Events, Retreats, Conferences, Military Balls, Reunions, etc):

  •  Please Call for quote

Event Care is a full childcare service where iiMinds takes care and plans all your childcare needs during your event. Our services include Setup/Clean up, Secure Sign in/out process, wristband for children, outline schedule of day/activities,  a variety of age-appropriate developmentally structured activities and bins which include but are not limited to: soft play area, nap environment, arts and crafts, games, music, dress up fun, centers, special needs friendly activities, age appropriate movies and games systems, Activities will be customized and chosen based off of age group of children reported. Lead Provider Overseeing Event, Organic Snacks & Meals, the industries best provider to child ratio based off of our experience and in conjunction with recommendations from state licensing requirements. Best of all peace of mind! Call us today for more information. 

A La Carte: (Coming Soon)

Booking Fees For On-Call Services

  • $25 per day/provider booked

Booking Fees are what you pay iiMinds for supplying you with temporary childcare providers.

**Pricing for long-term solutions: Please contact us at 760.496.8148.