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iiMinds provides an exciting opportunity for your school and staffing needs. On-demand teachers is a much sought out and needed services that we are excited to bring to the Coachella Valley!

Preschool Staff

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As a Director or Owner some or many of these situations are too common.

Inspiring Children

  • An employee calls in sick
  • An employee has a vacation or medical leave coming up
  • An emergency absence that needs to be attended too immediately occurs.
  • One or more of your employees leave unexpectedly
  • School is looking to send an employee for training
  • School is looking to add more staff but would like to "check" out whether an individual maybe a great fit. 

There are solutions in acquiring dependable on-call staff and here are the advantages:

Child care centers and preschool teachers

  • Save your time & energy finding quality child care personnel
  • Switch-out under-performing staff with ease
  • Avoid all the expenses of advertising for open positions
  • Avoid having to sub in the classroom yourself
  • Easily stay in compliance with staff-to-student ratios
  • Reduce turnover by not overworking your staff
  • Easily adjust the size of your staff to match fluctuating enrollment
  • Evaluate on a temp bases

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